All personal data are transmitted and processed within the company in compliance with the Italian Privacy Code. Data are used for the sole purpose to process orders and, when authorised, communicate promotions and news.
In compliance with Italian Law No. 675 dated 31.12.1996 (Privacy Code), TOR-MEC hereby informs you that personal data disclosed and/or exchanged even during pre-contractual stages are processed pursuant to and for the purposes of
Art. 12, paragraph 1, letters b), c), d) and f) of Italian Law 675/96 and subsequent amendments and integrations. Moreover, it is understood that the client expressly authorises the transfer of personal data pursuant to and for the purposes of;
Art. 28 paragraph 4 letter a) of Italian Law 675/96. The client also authorises their disclosure and dissemination pursuant to and for the purposes of;
Art. 20 paragraph 1 letter a) of the aforementioned law. Personal data are processed for the sole purpose of carrying out the company’s activity in the best way possible. Personal data will be processed using both computerised and hardcopy media. Personal data can be disclosed to third party organisations solely for the fulfilment of the business relationship with the client.
Below are articles 12 (paragraph 1), 28 (paragraph 4), and 20 (paragraph 1) of Italian Law No. 675 dated 31/12/1996.
Art. 12.
(Grounds for exclusion of consent)
1. The consent is not required when the processing: b) is necessary for the execution of obligations arising from a contract of which the subject is a party or for the acquisition of pre-contractual information upon the latter's request, or for the fulfilment of a legal obligation; c) involves data from public registers, lists, deeds or documents available to anyone; d) is intended solely for scientific or statistical research and concerns anonymous data; f) concerns data relating to economic activities collected for the purposes specified in Article 13, paragraph 1, letter e), in compliance with current legislation on business and industrial secrecy;
Art. 28.
(Transfer of personal data abroad)
4. The transfer is permitted if: a) the data subject has given express consent or, if the transfer involves any of the data referred to in Articles 22 and 24 in writing;
Art. 20.
(Requirements for the disclosure and dissemination of personal data)
1. The disclosure and dissemination of personal information by private and public economic entities are allowed: a) with the consent of the person concerned;
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